Chairman Yang Jianrong met with Seychelles Minister of Tourism

 China plans to reduce corporate costs
 China's full-year exports expected to go down again
 Entrepreneurs jump into robotics industry
 Govt to invest $422b in railways over five years
 SOE reforms to speed up, target five sectors
 China to continue propelling financial reform: PBOC report
 China to provide more opportunities for investors: Premier Li
 Central government set to stimulate private investment
 China's exports rise, imports rebound in May
 Chinese economy showing continued improvement in restructuring



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CIETAC-Shanghai is an integral part of CIETAC. CIETAC-Shanghai executes the same functions as CIETAC and its Shenzhen commission, applies to the same Arbitration Rules and the Panel of Arbitrators.

CCPIT Shanghai Sub-Council/Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai handles the business of certification/legalization for the enterprises in Shanghai and the neighboring area to help them explore the international market.

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